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  • Decreased capacity due to sludge and sediment accumulation
  • A mound on top and around the discharge inlet pipe
  • Back Pressure on the system creating high maintenance costs
  • Odours – strong pungent
  • Eroded berms

Dredging is the solution!

The dredger has been rated as the only clear choice in sludge and sediment removal systems. The system is fast, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly using the latest in technological advances.

The Benefits

  1. We have perfected a technique for removal of a sludge mound around the inlet pipe.
  2. Unique Traversing cabling system ensures accurate removal of material.
  3. The dredge is capable of delving down 15 feet in depth.
  4. Dredging does not require draining or shutdown of the facility.
  5. Hydraulically adjusted cutter head eliminates the danger of disturbing the original contour of the cell.
  6. Depending on density of material, the dredge will pump slurred material to a disposal site up to 1,500 feet without the use of a booster pump.
  7. Dredging will rejuvenate the facility at a fraction of the cost to rebuild.

Services & Locations

Manitoba Lagoon Cleaning
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Manitoba Lagoon Dredging
Saskatchewan Lagoon Dredging

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